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Random Walks (2016)

Animated documentary about the lives of refugees in Hunagary. Lead interviewer. 

Palmovka live at Punctum (Prague, 2017)

Hardware electronics & field recordings - improvised. 

The Iconography of Masks Festival

Freaks, fetish and masks. Short film that I worked on documenting the Iconography of Masks event in London.

Krumlov Story

My summer 2008 project, done over several weekends in Cesky Krumlov as a part of the Jatka Project artist-in-residence programme. The project utilizes the urge to tell a story inherent in every person. I approached five different people working in the tourist industry to tell me a part of a fictional story set in their home town, each person contuing where their predecessors left off.

On 16 September 2008 I placed these five videos in five different public places in Cesky Krumlov, where viewers could watch them, and try find the narrative of the story by having to search out all of the five videos (this, however, was solely up to the viewer - the narrative became very subjective).  

Angel Eyedealism in Berlin (2009)

I made this video earlier this year and it features the flamboyant New York singer and performer Angel Eyedealism. The video takes place in Berlin on a night out on Valentine's Day. With Angel's original tracks.